Whitefox Online

Terms of Use

In order to protect our customers and meet our goal of providing high-quality and reliable services, we use the terms below to define acceptable use of our services, the responsibilities of our customers, and the terms of our services.

  1. All residential services are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, or a “best-effort” basis, with no warranties of any kind. We do not guarantee that our services will function completely uninterrupted, or that services will be available at all times. We are not liable for any harm, damages, expenses or loss of profits arising from the use of our services, regardless of the cause.

  2. We do not guarantee that any internet-based communication made through the use of our services is secure or immune from interception by unauthorized third parties. The internet is a public network, and therefore all content available on the internet may not comply with local laws. You assume complete responsibility for using the internet.

  3. We cannot be held liable or responsible for the storage of your data. We may be able to recover certain information should you request it, but we are not liable for the loss of any of your data. Following cancellation of your account, we reserve the right to delete any piece of information about you at our discretion, or as required by law.

  4. Your account belongs solely to you, and cannot be transferred to another account holder. The domain or account names and network addresses that are assigned to your connection remain our property at all times.

  5. You will abide by all applicable laws, and will indemnify and hold us harmless from all liabilities arising from any violation of these terms. We will not be held responsible for the actions of a subscriber or any other individual who uses our services. In addition, you may not use any of our services to do any of the following:

    1. Distribute copyrighted material without authorization

    2. Send bulk (spam) email

    3. Communicate data that is illegal, harassing, or abusive

    4. Transmit malware, viruses, or other harmful software

    5. Violate another person’s privacy

    6. Use the internet for fraudulent purposes

  6. We respect your privacy and do not keep records of the sites you visit, unless required by law. Our network is monitored to assist in preventing attacks and to troubleshoot problems. If any of your information is gathered during the course of this monitoring, we treat it as confidential and do not provide it to anyone else, unless required by law.

  7.  Payment for services is due of each month as per the statement due date delivered to you. Any residential account that is more than 45 days past due will be suspended until payment is received. Past due accounts that reach the end of a billing cycle with an outstanding balance will be closed to prevent further charges from underlying infrastructure providers. Payments that are rejected or dishonoured by financial institutions or credit processors are subject to a $50 nsf fee.

  8. Unless you advise us that you wish to cancel your account, your services will automatically renew for the same term length and type of services as the previous period. For most residential accounts, this is on a month-by-month basis.

  9. Upon cancelling your account, you are responsible for returning all rental equipment to us within 10 business days. If the equipment is lost, damaged, or not returned on time, you will be billed for the full replacement value of the equipment in question. Similarly, if we issue replacement or updated rental equipment, the previous equipment must be returned within 10 business days or we will bill you the full replacement value of the equipment.

  10. This document constitutes the entire agreement between you (the subscriber) and us (Whitefox Online), and it supercedes all other agreements between us, unless you have subscribed to services that require a specialized service agreement, in which case said agreement shall take precedence over this agreement for all services specified therein. Our failure to enforce any clause of this agreement does not constitute a waiver of any right. Should a court of competent jurisdiction find a clause unenforceable, all remaining clauses of this agreement shall remain in force.

  11. We reserve the right to modify this agreement as pertains to any service we provide, your continued use of our services following notice of such modifications is your acceptance. Likewise, your use of our service constitutes your acceptance of this agreement.


Whitefox Online reserves the right to terminate access to our site and block future use of our services if we deem these Terms of Use have been violated.